6 thoughts on “Consider “People Chow”

    1. Dr. Doug Post author

      Absolutely not! There is no guarantee regarding diet and cancer. There are people who never smoke and yet get lung cancer and those who smoke 5 packs every day who do not get cancer. It is a matter of lessening the chances. Eating processed food increases the chances that pets will get cancer for several reasons.

  1. Aexa

    OMG Dr Doug, I just discovered your site. I def have to speak with you. You seem awesome. I saw your video and you kind of say what I have been telling people for years. I put it this way since most people have kids. I start out with “Total Cereal is said to be fortified with 100% of all vitamins and minerals, but you wouldn’t feed your child Total cereal , morning, day, and night would YOU?” Then they kinda get it. I need to pick you brain about something so will use contact page. Hopefully you will get back to me.


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