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August 12, 2016:  Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association – Hershey, PA
Dr. Doug gives 1 day of lectures about holistic veterinary medicine for conventional veterinarians

September 10, 2016: American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association – Columbus, OH
Dr. Doug gives lectures on holistic medicine, natural nutrition and supplements.

September 15 & 16, 2016: Pet Sitters International – San Diego, CA
Dr. Doug lecture on holistic pet care, dental health, and gives an acupressure workshop

September 29, 2016: Vetri Science – Washington, D.C.
Dr. Doug presents a dinner presentation on probiotics

November 13, 2016: American Veterinary Chiropractic Association – Orlando, FL
Dr. Doug delivers his natural nutrition lecture to animal chiropractors

March 25-26, 2017: Association for Research and Enlightenment – Virginia Beach, VA
Dr. Doug lectures on holistic pet care and gives pet acupressure and massage workshop