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Angel of Death


An animal becomes part of the family. Maybe he was adopted from a shelter or maybe he wondered into the yard, sick and hungry. Some come from a pet store or maybe from a breeder of a favorite kind. And she becomes one of the family.

We eat, sleep, and walk together. We run, play, and laugh together. They comfort us through grief and tears. We share life with them.

Our family grows with them. Beloved childhood playmates go off to school and are welcomed home with wagging tail or deep, loud purr. Our hearts and souls are nourished and made whole because they are a part of our lives, part of us.

As with us all, time takes its toll. The fast-paced walks turn into a gentle stroll. They have trouble getting up and getting around. It is hard to see them weaken and decline. But a look into their eyes assures us they are still enjoying life.

Sooner or later a corner is turned. Cancer, sickness, or some unknown affliction is sucking them down. It may happen slowly or fast, it doesn’t matter. No BODY can last forever. No matter how long we have together, it is never long enough.

The call comes in for my help. No one is diluted; we all know what is needed. Sometimes I drive to the home, as nobody wants the last memory of our beloved to be the dreaded “trip to the vet.”

I arrive at the appointed hour. We reminisce about the good times. How did she get her name? (There is always a good story there). Isn’t it funny how we all have pet names for our pets – one label is by no means adequate.

The good-byes are expressed, tears are shed… I join in, but under control. Always under control. Hold it in damn it.

I give the injection that will help this beloved soul to the other side. Quickly, the chest is still. I listen closely for the heartbeat – – – silence. The suffering is ended. A sacred moment is shared. I know in my heart that they will meet again.

I AM THE ANGEL OF DEATH. After almost 30 years, it hasn’t gotten any easier. A prayer goes out to all I’ve touched.

I welcome you to pay tribute to all who have passed though your life.

The Four Horsemen of the Pet Food Apocalypse


Processed pet foods are touted as nutritious and healthful for dogs and cats. The truth is that commercial diets are made from unnatural ingredients of questionable origin. The high-temperature processing destroys vital nutrients and creates toxins. Then some synthetic vitamins are sprinkled in to make them “complete and balanced.” The sins of the pet food industry are of biblical proportions. Here are the 4 biggies.

  1. CARBS – (Starch to be more exact) is a major nutrient in most processed pet foods. Pet foods contain starch because it is a cheap source of calories and it is needed to make convenient kibble. No matter how “natural” the source of the carbs is (grain vs. grain-free), it is completely unnatural for dogs and cats to eat more than a very small amount. Carbs feed cancer and promote obesity – two major health problems for pets. Carbs also promote storage mite contamination of pet food which triggers allergies.
  2. TOXINS – Ingredients, such as preservatives, artificial flavors, and colors, need to be proven dangerous to be excluded from pet foods. (You would think an ingredient would need to be proven safe to be included but that is not how it works). Also, the grains in most pet foods lead to contamination with aflatoxins from molds. Aflatoxins cause liver failure at high doses and cancer at the lower levels allowed in pet foods. Finally, high-heat processing creates heterocyclic amines – toxins which are known carcinogens.
  3. MISSING NUTRIENTS – High-heat processing destroys most of the vitamins and photochemicals in the raw materials used in these diets. We are learning recently that there is more to good nutrition than providing the currently known vitamins and minerals. It seems there are new nutrients discovered every day, and processing wipes out most of them.
  4. SYNTHETIC VITAMINS – Pet food manufacturers realize that processing destroys nutrients. They add back in chemical substitutes (synthetic vitamins) in an attempt to “balance” the diets. However, even the smartest nutritionist does not know everything there is to know about nutrition. Therefore, their attempts to balance diets cannot be completely successful. More than that, evidence shows that synthetic vitamins are not assimilated by the body in the same, beneficial way as those from food sources. Some may even be toxic.

Hopefully this information will cause you to re-think what you put in your pet’s food bowl. A balanced, raw diet is best for pets and that’s the gospel truth!

Are you ready to go raw yet?