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Pet Peeves of a Holistic Vet

2013-10-31 17.28.06

I don’t like to complain. Generally I take what’s coming to me with nary a grumble. But every once in a while, even the most even keeled person needs to vent. So here are a few things I would like to get off my chest.

If you have a pet that is seriously ill, please do not hesitate to bring them to me for holistic help. Although I’ll be starting off behind the eight ball, I will do my best to get your pet as good as they can get.

Having said that, please feel free to bring your pet to me BEFORE they are on death’s door. Perhaps as soon as your pet is diagnosed with cancer you could give me a call instead of waiting until they’ve failed their fourth round of chemo and haven’t eaten for a week. Better yet, make an appointment for a holistic exam before they are even sick so we can keep them that way. I know it sounds revolutionary but alternative medicine does not have to be the last alternative.

Please be aware that I am not the animal version of an auto mechanic. If you are bringing your pet to be so I can “fix” her, then you are coming to the wrong vet. Helping your pet regain, or even maintain, health will take team work. You, the pet caregiver, are part of that team. Sometimes animals don’t like what’s best for them. Sometimes changing diets and/or taking supplements can be a pain. You have to want it to happen and make it happen. True health (no symptoms, no meds) is not easy to obtain. If it were easy, every pet and person would have it.

One more thing to realize is that your pet is not likely to get better overnight. The longer or more serious the health condition is the longer it is going to take to correct it. The older the pet, the more difficult and prolonged the process will be. No matter what the circumstances, do not expect instantaneous results. It takes time for the body to heal.

As long as you and your pet are willing to work with me, I am there for the both of you. Yes, your pet has something to say about the success of treatment. If she refuses to cooperate, ultimately we cannot force our will upon her. If she does not have enough Vital Force left to work with, no treatment will succeed.

Have you been a team member?