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Life-Saving Acupressure Point You Need to Know

04-24-04 GV 26

Acupuncture is the oldest medical system on earth. It is still used today because it works. Stimulating an acupuncture point triggers nerves to send signals to the brain. In response, the brain releases bioactive substances, such as endorphins, into the system affecting the whole body. The body’s response to acupuncture depends on which point(s) are activated.

The best way to stimulate an acupuncture point is with an acupuncture needle. However, for anyone who doesn’t have one of these tools handy, a fingertip will do. In the case of the pint I’m about to discuss, I would suggest stimulating it with your fingernail.

Governing Vessel 26 (GV 26) is located where the “leather” of the nose meets the fur of the upper lip, right where that interface crosses the center groove in the nose and lip. This point is used for resuscitation. With the use of this point, I have made believers out of every skeptical vet I’ve ever worked with. I have seen the strong stimulation of this point bring apparently dead pets back to life.

GV 26 is used for such things as shock, respiratory arrest, and cardiac arrest. When I use a needle to stimulate this point, I drive the tip down to the bone and vigorously tap the bone. (You would obviously never use this technique on a conscious pet). If I did not have a needle to use, I would jab a fingernail into the point and vibrate it hard and fast.

Studies have shown that stimulating GV 26 stabilizes brain chemistry and stimulates the heart and respiratory centers. It can be used any time a pet loses consciousness such as when a pet has suffered physical trauma. It can even help puppies or kittens if they stop breathing during the birthing process. This point is even being taught to veterinarians and technicians taking conventional ER medicine courses.

If your pet were to get hit by a car or pass out from some other cause, the first thing to do is call the ER vet and get on your way. While en route, someone should stimulate GV 26 with everything they’ve got. This technique may just be enough to keep your pet alive until you reach professional help.

Have you ever used acupressure on your pet?