Cancer is a terrible disease that is all too common in our beloved four-legged friends. Studies show that 1/3 of all dogs will die of cancer and half of all dogs that make it to 10 years of age will get cancer. For some specific breeds the odds are even worse. A staggering 3/4 of all golden retrievers will develop cancer. I actually heard one veterinary oncologist refer to this breed as “golden tumor dogs.”

Why so much cancer? Well, certainly genetics plays a role as can be seen by the increased incidence in goldens. However, it is estimated that only 15% of human cancer deaths are caused by faulty genetics. Studies also show that up to 1/3 of human cancer cases are preventable by diet alone. Factors such as poor diet, lack of exercise, and obesity are much more important than genetics when it comes to cancer.

In fact, cancer is considered a cultural disease. It turns out that the US has one of the highest rates of most cancers and there are more cases in urban areas. People who move here from countries with low cancer rates have the same risk by the second generation. Certainly their genes did not change that fast. Apparently, living in the USA causes cancer.

What is it about our culture that promotes cancer? My bet is that the high consumption of processed convenience foods is a major factor. Many Americans are also addicted to carbs – which are known to promote cancer.  Then we have cancer promoting toxins in our environment such as fire retardant chemicals in carpeting and furniture, lawn chemicals and polluted air and water.

Our pets are victims of these same cancer causing issues. Studies have found that processed pet foods contain carcinogens. They are also packed with carbohydrates which feed cancer. Even if you are feeding raw your pet cannot escape indoor and outdoor pollutants. That’s why I say that if you are not doing something to prevent cancer then you are promoting it. That is just a fact of life in the USA.

I have recently discovered a supplement that contains phytonutrients that help prevent cancer (and much more). It is made with 100% human grade ingredients and is standardized for quality. Nutrocept is a tasty powder that can be mixed into moist food or mixed with water to form a gravy to top off dry food.

Stop promoting cancer and start fighting it.

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  1. Karen Luce
    Karen Luce says:

    Thank you for notifying all of your clients about the phytonutrient, Nutrocept. If one has a pet prone to CA or an aging pet, this phytonutrient gives us hope that we might be able to ward off this dreaded disease. I would hope that Nutrocept will be avaiable for cats. I lost a beautiful cat last year to CA, if Nutrocept was available, perhaps it may have saved her. The only drawback is the $58.00 monthly fee. Many of us who are interested in this product may not be able to afford it.

    • Dr. Doug
      Dr. Doug says:

      Thanks! Hit the contact button at the top of the home page and send me your contact info and I’ll get this supplement into your hands for your dog.

  2. Erica
    Erica says:

    I would like to know if you would still recommend Nutocept for a dog with chondrosarcoma, it has metasticized in his lungs, a few small modules detected late September.
    Your article is so true- there is so little info out there, especially on rare bone cancer. Thank you in advance. My dog is a 3 year old male neutered double doodle.

    • Dr. Doug
      Dr. Doug says:

      I am so sorry. Your dog is way too young for this disease. Nutrocept is meant as a cancer-preventive supplement. The same company makes a product called Apocaps. That is what I use for a pet that is fighting cancer.

  3. Mattie
    Mattie says:

    Hi. My 9 yr old Boxer just recently got diagnosed with Osteosarcoma and had her front leg amputated last week. Would you recommend the Nutrocept or Apocaps in her situation.
    P.S It has not moved to her lungs or anywhere in her body that we have notices by X-Ray


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