Does Your Pet Need Laser Therapy?

Veterinary medicine is ever improving with the help of advanced technologies. Many veterinary clinics have equipment to run blood work in-office for fast results. Digital X-rays are making it easier to accurately diagnose certain diseases. Another recent addition to our treatment toolbox is low-level therapeutic lasers. Therapeutic lasers are sometimes called “cold” lasers to differentiate […]

The Truth About Vaccines

Some in the holistic community are against all vaccines. I am not one of them. I worked at a humane society for five years and witnessed firsthand the deadly consequences when animals were not vaccinated properly. Vaccinations are an important part of pet healthcare. The incidence of certain deadly diseases such as distemper, parvovirus, and […]

Does Your Pet’s Food Cause Cancer?

Pet caregivers rely on government oversight to protect their four-legged family members from pet foods that contain potentially harmful ingredients. We assume pet foods are nutritious, and more importantly, safe. Unfortunately, neither of these assumptions is true. I have already written about nutritional issues with processed pet foods. Here we will explore a safety issue […]

Veterinary Nutrition Indoctrination

Hills, Purina, and Iams are ingrained into the consciousnesses of every veterinarian from their professional infancy to their grave. Processed food is in our blood – Yuck. How can you expect a veterinarian to be open to the idea that real, raw food is anything but dangerous for pets? Veterinary college programs include nutrition training […]