How do You Know if Your Pet has Fleas?

Pet’s that are itching this time of year often have fleas to blame for their problems. Flea bite allergy is the most common allergy we see in pets and the bite of just one flea can make them break out for 2 weeks. Even pets that are not allergic will scratch from the irritation of […]

It’s the Nutrition, Stupid

According to modern medical dogma, our genes rule our lives. Genes code for the proteins that determine just about everything about us. The thing we are just discovering is that it is not the genes we are born with that are important but rather which genes are turned off or on. We are often told […]

Save the Claws!

It is best if you do not declaw your cat. If tigers can be trained to jump through hoops of fire then surely we can teach our domestic cats to use scratching posts instead of destroying our homes. However, as in the case of the tigers, training a cat does take effort. The first thing […]

My Personal Experience with Veterinary Nutritionists

I have spoken with many veterinary nutritionists over the years. In 2010, I spent two days with a nutritionist who teaches at a US veterinary college, as part of an intensive, one-on-one veterinary nutrition course. She indicated to me that nutrition plays a very small role in the management of sick pets compared to that […]