Three Reasons Pet Food Makes Pets Fat

Conventional, veterinary nutrition is based on modern-day research. This sounds well and fine except for the fact that the vast majority of the research is sponsored by pet food companies. Many studies have shown that industry-sponsored research often results in biased findings. Let’s face it; if every pet food company has research indicating that their […]

I’m Dropping the “F” Bomb

This cat is FAT! Is your pet FAT? That’s right; I said the “F” word. So, is your pet fat? Are you sure she’s not? Most pets are overweight and most pet caregivers are happily unaware of their pet’s body condition or what their pet’s ideal weight should be. In fact, in my experience, most […]

Is Your Pet a Victim of Google Garbage?

The internet is a treasure trove of information. I know that when I’m confronted with a term or idea that I’m not familiar with, I often start by “Googling” it. Some of the materials you find with such a search are real gems but much of it is worthless. As with any treasure hunt, a […]

The Nutritionist Said What?

I am not a big fan of veterinary nutritionists and I have not been shy about my feelings. Here are a few of my reasons for criticizing board certified veterinary nutritionists. In my personal conversations with most veterinary nutritionists I have found that they do not share my passion for how proper nutrition can lead […]

5 1/2 Tips to Beat Fleas Naturally

By the end of the summer, fleas often become a nuisance for our pets. Sometimes, the situation can become life threatening. One important principle to understand is that in temperate climates the problem really begins in the spring, when the fleas first emerge. They reproduce during the warm months and are at peak population in […]