Turkey-Day Tips

“Don’t give your dog people food.” That was the refrain I told pet caregivers day in and day out. That was what I was trained to tell people. This is the same line many people still hear from their vet. The message has surely gotten through. I have had clients ask me why there was […]

How to Switch Your Cat to a Raw Diet

Cats tend to be very finicky about their foods. In fact, cats become imprinted on the food they are first fed. They can even become addicted to the shape of the kibble. That’s why each pet food company makes their kitty kibble in distinct shapes. The companies also spray the surface of the kibble with […]

Are You Promoting Cancer in Your Pet?

Cancer is a terrible disease that is all too common in our beloved four-legged friends. Studies show that 1/3 of all dogs will die of cancer and half of all dogs that make it to 10 years of age will get cancer. For some specific breeds the odds are even worse. A staggering 3/4 of […]

One Supplement with Many Benefits

Probiotics are live, intestinal microorganisms that are taken orally and trigger improved health of the recipient. In fact, these “good” bacteria have wide ranging effects on the body. There are ten times more bacteria in our gastrointestinal (GI) tracts than there are cells in our bodies – some of them are good and some are […]