Are you interested in learning more about Holistic-Integrative veterinary medicine first hand from a veterinarian who has been studying and practicing it for over 20 years? Do you have a group of people with whom you would like to share this incredible information? I love to share my knowledge and experience with others – and my passion for the Holistic-Integrative approach shines through in my lectures and workshops.

I am very conscientious about providing the needed pre-program information. I have been on the conference committee for the AHVMA for several years and I know the struggles of organizing speakers and lectures. I am well received by program attendees and organizers alike and have been invited to lecture for multiple programs by such groups as The Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Pet Sitters International, The Midwest Veterinary Convention, The Jackson Hole Veterinary Rendezvous, The Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association, and The New England Veterinary Conference.

If you organize programs for pet caregivers or for veterinarians, I have a number of programs and lectures to choose from. My pet caregiver lectures focus on clear informational as well as holistic home-care topics from acupressure and massage to homeopathy and herbs. For veterinarians I offer lectures that are fully referenced and have a more scientific emphasis but also include usable practice tips from the world of integrative medicine.

My lecture programs range from one hour to a day and a half. You can mix and match lecture topics based on your program needs and participant interests. Check out the list of lectures and workshops for pet caregivers and veterinarians. I am also willing to consider covering other topics upon request.

Veterinary Lecture Testimonials

“I have attended several of Dr. Knueven’s lectures at AHVMA conference. I found his presentations to be excellent. Because of his depth of knowledge in his field, I invited him to lecture to my 3rd and 4th year students taking my nutrition elective. He gave a series of lectures which the students found informative. He also gave a special noon hour seminar for all the students and faculty. Unfortunately our students have limited exposure to alternative therapies and nutrition and his presentations helped to fill this gap in their education.”

“Dr. Knueven was very knowledgeable and practices alternative medicine so can share from cases and was very open to questions and dialog. He is a clear presenter and backs up what he shares.”

“Dr. Knueven presented 6 hour CE presentations during Complementary & Alternative Vet Med (CAVM) program of the Washington State Vet Med Association Annual Conference, Yakima, WA Sept 28-30, 2012. I was coordinator and moderator of the CAVM program. Dr. Knueven’s presentation included Holistic Vet Med Introduction, Vet Chiropractic, Natural Nutrition in Small Animal Medicine, Vet Acupuncture, and Vet Botanical Medicine. The presentations were well organized and presented very well. The program attendee veterinarians shared many positive comments about the presentations.”