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Hello and welcome to my blog. I’m Dr. Doug Knueven but I go by Dr. Doug for reasons that become obvious when you try to pronounce my last name. (By the way, it is pronounced “KNEEVEN” – you pronounce all the letters except the “U”) I was raised in a small suburb of Cincinnati named Mt. Healthy. This town name has taken on new meaning throughout my life.


When I graduated from The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine in 1987, my idea of health revolved around the mechanistic, Western model of medicine where there is a drug or surgery for just about every condition (never mind the side effects and surgical risks). After a few years in practice I realized that things didn’t always go the way the text books said it would. I realized there had to be more to health and healing than what I was taught in vet school. This realization started me on my journey into holistic medicine.

I started with veterinary acupuncture as I had an interest in this therapy that was sparked by an after-hours lecture in vet school. After seeing the benefits of this strange healing modality, I completed courses in homeopathy, Chinese herbal medicine and chiropractic. I also joined the American Holistic Medical Association and through their conferences, continue to learn more about holistic pet health. Today, for me the word health is more about lifestyle and less about what you go to the doctor to get.

As excited as I am about alternative medicine, I have not thrown the baby out with the bath water. I do see the value of Western medicine for certain situations. I practice integrative veterinary medicine which involves the use of the most appropriate treatment for the individual animal. As an integrative medicine practitioner I have more tools in my kit to treat the many patients I see.

Along the way I also realized that any given patient was not going to heal if they were not being fed properly. This led me into my own research into animal nutrition. I soon abandoned much of what I had been taught about nutrition in veterinary school, as that information is highly influenced by the major pet food companies. From my research and decades of experience it is obvious to me that pets benefit from an evolution-based diet rather than the starch-rich, highly processed convenience pet foods most pet caregivers currently feed. Animals simply cannot be healthy if their bodies are not provided the raw materials and nutritional signals that are needed.

The longer I have practiced veterinary medicine, the more convinced I am of the value of the Holistic-Integrative approach to pet health care. My passion for pets and for true health (physical, mental and spiritual) is what this weekly blog is all about. Together we will explore pet health topics.

This weekly blog will cover topics in holistic veterinary medicine as well as current events in the veterinary world. I hope to open a dialog with pet caregivers and veterinarians about these issues. Much of what I say may be controversial to some readers. I am all for healthy criticism and I love to hear different points of view. I do not claim to know it all and I plan to learn from the people who participate in the discussion.

Have you or your pet had experience with holistic medicine? Click on the title above and join the conversation. Don’t forget to sign up on the right for blog notifications.


21 thoughts on “Welcome to Dr. Doug – The Holistic Vet

    1. Lynn Roe

      Hello, I have a question on my Chihuahua Blue who has belly bloat. I took her to the Vet, she want to put her down, I took her home. There’s another Vet in the same office who gave me diuretics. I’ve given her protein drink mix, & cooked egg whites. She seems to feel better. She’s had bowel movement, & is peeing. She’s STABLE. This a.m. she had saggy tail, playful & we went for a walk. Respectfully, Lynn

  1. Shari

    I am looking forward to your blog entries. You have been a tremendous resource and it is nice to have a progressive vet that “heals” the body and does not just treat symptoms.

  2. Micki

    Acupuncture definitely helped my osteosarcoma dog who lost his rear leg. Dr. Doug was the only vet that he never tried to hide from when he entered the room!

  3. Dr. Doug Post author

    Of course I grew up in Mt. Healthy. What did you expect – Sickly Valley?
    I’m looking forward to sharing with all of you!

  4. Karen Wells

    Dr. Doug definitely opened my eyes to alternative medicine and dietary importance. Unfortunately, I still live in his home town and had to find a different Holistic Vet. My elderly dog was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy and I feel without a doubt that acupuncture and chiropractic care she received gave us a more time together. I could not believe how after the first treatment there was improvement. Then I had my first experience of being present while a pet was euthanized. I have a whole new respect for the “caring vet”.

    1. Dr. Doug Post author

      I’m so sorry for your loss Karen. I’m glad that your special friend benefited from acupuncture and chiropractic care. As hard as it was, I’m sure she appreciated you being there to help her to the other side.

  5. Kelly Bowser

    Do you have experience with autoimmune diseases? I have been treating my beagle with antibiotics & most recently steroids for almost a year now for producing mucus. She sneezes large amounts out of her nose, reverse sneezes, coughs, gags & breathes horribly. Antibiotics would clear it up but no sooner did we stop them and it would start back up again. I believe it’s related to her routine vaccinations last year but my vet dismisses this & just wants me to give her Benadryl for allergies which doesn’t help. I am having her sinuses flushed & biopsy tomorrow and the vet says if doesn’t show any results they will refer me to Pgh Vet Specialist. It was suggested by a friend that I go to Ohio State vet school. I am willing to make the drive for holistic vet care if there is hope for her condition ( I live about an hours drive from Beaver). I have a hard time believing there is nothing that can be done but there is very little research on this condition and has become extremely frustrating! I get very little sleep due to her frequent attacks throughout the night. I would hate to euthanize as she is only 7-8 and a good dog. I can tell she is completely miserable although she does play a little once in awhile. I am going to get her vet records in hopes of obtaining a 2nd opinion. Thanks for any direction.

    1. Dr. Doug Post author

      I have treated many autoimmune problems with holistic treatments. Often we are able to help the pet but there is no guarantee. There are definitely things we can try.
      Dr. Doug

      1. Kelly Bowser

        I am definitely interested in going this route. I had her sinuses flushed & am waiting on cultures for fungus & bacteria. If nothing shows in the culture, they are suggesting I see a specialist to scope & biopsy. Is this something you are capable of doing? At this point I feel it’s all a waste of time because I am told if an auto immune disease there is no cure . I myself have recovered from autoimmune & believe there is hope if I can find a vet that thinks outside the box.

  6. Beverly Travis

    I got your name from Jean Dodds and have a seven year old Leonberger with OSA – her front right leg was amputated on 12/3/13. After a very long time of healing from the surgical site we are considering carboplatin but I would prefer going a more holistic way if possible. Have you had experience and hopefully some good results by going this way?

    1. Dr. Doug Post author

      Beverly – I have had some success treating OSA both holistically (with just diet, herbs, supplements, and acupuncture) and integratively (holistic along with conventional care). I can never make any guarantees especially when dealing with cancer.

  7. Norrin Radd

    Could you say a few words about flea and tick medications for cats? Already this year, I’ve plucked three attached ticks off my boy, and brushed off at least three that had not yet attached. It’s my understanding that tick medications don’t really prevent the ticks from attaching, so I wonder if they’re worth the bother.

  8. Nancy Collander

    I juts found your website and I am so interested to read your writings on feeding dogs for health. Do you have articles or blog posts you can direct me to? Thank you!

  9. Sophia

    Hello Dr. Doug, I just found your site and can’t stop reading thru each of your posts. Very informative. Thank you for your devotion. I have scanned thru your blog and haven’t found anything regarding prostate cancer in dogs.
    I am contacting you about my 11 year old neutered Malshi, named Harley. He has been seen by two different vets and they both agree, he has developed a prostate tumor. He was examined manually, blood tests, urine (blood tinged), very enlarged prostate in xray.
    He is straining to urinate and eliminate, his bowel movements are tubular, rather than formed, all as a result the enlargement. Is there ANYTHING I can do holistically? We cannot afford surgeries, etc. Everyone is just telling me to just keep him comfortable, but how comfortable can he be when he is straining and having bloody urine. I don’t want him to suffer unnecessarily. He still eats, and for the most part, has been a couch potatoe. I have tried turmeric powder in his food, and he started refusing it. What would you suggest?