Evolution-based nutrition in other words, what pets were meant to eat.

4 Natural Allergy-Busting Tips

The most common conventional treatment for any allergy includes either antihistamines or cortisone. Antihistamines tend to have fewer serious side effects (mostly drowsiness) but they are also less effective than cortisone. While almost always great at stopping the allergy symptoms, cortisone also suppresses the immune system, stresses the liver and increases the animal’s thirst and […]

Three Reasons Pet Food Makes Pets Fat

Conventional, veterinary nutrition is based on modern-day research. This sounds well and fine except for the fact that the vast majority of the research is sponsored by pet food companies. Many studies have shown that industry-sponsored research often results in biased findings. Let’s face it; if every pet food company has research indicating that their […]

The Nutritionist Said What?

I am not a big fan of veterinary nutritionists and I have not been shy about my feelings. Here are a few of my reasons for criticizing board certified veterinary nutritionists. In my personal conversations with most veterinary nutritionists I have found that they do not share my passion for how proper nutrition can lead […]

It’s the Nutrition, Stupid

According to modern medical dogma, our genes rule our lives. Genes code for the proteins that determine just about everything about us. The thing we are just discovering is that it is not the genes we are born with that are important but rather which genes are turned off or on. We are often told […]

My Personal Experience with Veterinary Nutritionists

I have spoken with many veterinary nutritionists over the years. In 2010, I spent two days with a nutritionist who teaches at a US veterinary college, as part of an intensive, one-on-one veterinary nutrition course. She indicated to me that nutrition plays a very small role in the management of sick pets compared to that […]

Lessons from the “War on Fat”

A recent Time Magazine cover story about America’s “War on Fat” is very instructive about both human and pet nutrition. The title of the article, “Don’t Blame the Fat” says it all. In the late 1970’s it was determined that dietary fat and cholesterol were responsible for the high incidence of heart disease in America. […]

Would you eat your pet’s food for a month?

Recently, a pet food retailer in Richland, Washington made headlines when she decided to eat nothing but pet food for a month. The idea came to Dorothy Hunter when she worked up an appetite at her store and was unable to run out for food. She picked up a bag of dog treats and after […]

Lying Labels – Part II

In last week’s blog post, we explored some of the many ways pet food companies misguide us with their labels. This week I have the rest of the story. Questionable Quality Hopefully there is meat listed somewhere on the ingredient list. Unfortunately, you cannot easily tell the quality of that meat from the label. Here’s […]

Lying Labels – Don’t be Fooled

We all realize that proper nutrition is the foundation for health. Choosing the best diet is one of the most important factors for a pet’s well-being. Every pet food claims to be superior to the rest in their flashy ads and packaging can be quite enticing. It is important to read the pet food label […]

Does Your Pet’s Food Cause Cancer?

Pet caregivers rely on government oversight to protect their four-legged family members from pet foods that contain potentially harmful ingredients. We assume pet foods are nutritious, and more importantly, safe. Unfortunately, neither of these assumptions is true. I have already written about nutritional issues with processed pet foods. Here we will explore a safety issue […]