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I just have to share this case with everyone.

Blaze is an amazing 13-year-old Greyhound who recently injured his neck around Christmas time. Xrays indicated that he probably had a bulging disc in his neck that was causing him much pain and some numbness in his legs. A chiropractic adjustment did not help and he was put on pain medications and muscle relaxers.

A week after starting the medications, Blaze had improved slightly but was still in a lot of pain and was having trouble walking. Dr. Doug decided to get him started on twice weekly acupuncture treatments. We did the first few treatments with him laying on his side because he could not stand for long.

Blaze began to recover immediately. Very soon he improved to the point that he would not lay down at all (standing is his normal posture while at the vet’s office). Within a month of starting the acupuncture, blaze was almost 100% back to his normal self. He’s still doing great today thanks to those healing needles.

Has your pet ever had acupuncture?

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  1. Micki Handte
    Micki Handte says:

    Yes, my dog had acupuncture with Dr. Doug after he had his leg amputated due to osteosarcoma. We did routine acupuncture and could see the difference it made in how he felt. In fact, Dr. Doug was the only vet or vet tech that Solar didn’t try to hide from any time they came in the room or near him! I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again with any of my dogs. Unfortunately, Solar’s battle ended all too soon, but I took comfort in knowing he was helped by what we were doing.

  2. Elizabeth Williams
    Elizabeth Williams says:

    My Chronic Kidney Diseased dog is currently undergoing Acupuncture. His Creatitine is now 1.4 and his bun is down to 67. Acupuncture saved his life along with his alternative organ supporting and anti inflammatory supplements.


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