Acupuncture Can Work Miracles!

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04-12-02 stoney 2

Stoney was 14 years old when he was carried into my office by his owners. His rear legs had been paralyzed for seven weeks and conventional treatments had not helped. X-rays revealed severe arthritis of his spine but that alone did not explain his condition. Possible causes for his neurologic deficit included a spinal tumor, a ruptured disc, or even a blood clot to the spinal cord. An MRI or myelogram was needed to be sure of what the problem was, but his owners did not think it was in his best interest to put Stoney through those testes. Acupuncture was his last chance.

An aged pet with long standing rear leg paralysis does not warrant a rosy outlook and I was not optimistic about the ability of acupuncture to help him. After hearing about the acupuncture process and the poor prognosis, Stoney’s owners decided that they wanted to give him every chance they could and we proceeded with the treatment with hope in our hearts.

Stoney came to my office for weekly treatments; right on schedule. When his owners carried him in for his eighth session, I told them that I was seeing no improvement and suggested it was time to admit defeat. On the contrary, his owners were encouraged by the fact that he had begun to wag his tail so the treatments continued. You could have picked my jaw off the floor when Stoney walked into my office two treatments later.

We were able to taper his treatments to every three to four weeks and maintain Stoney’s mobility. He enjoyed another three years with his owners until his body finally gave out and we put him to sleep at the age of 17.

Have you experienced any miracles?

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  1. Douglas
    Douglas says:

    Hi Dr Doug,

    I live in Littleton, CO (S Denver) and wondering if you knew of any holistic or “practical” veterinarians in my area?


    Douglas Morar
    Nature’s Logic

  2. Nicole Camaioni
    Nicole Camaioni says:

    Hello Dr. Doug,

    My dog is Czarina and we see Dr. Rhinehart at your practice. Czarina was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis from PVSEC. Their treatment was prednisone. They explained that since she is young (2 years old) there is a chance for her to get back to normal but she will need prednisone for the rest of her life. I could not accept this so I researched additional treatments. We have seen Dr. Rhinehart 5 times now and Czarina is down to 7.5 MG of prednisone (she was originally on 40 MG). She is back to all her normal activities including agility class, doggy day care, hiking, and chasing her ball in the house. She still has a hint of a cough but it is so minor that no one notices but me 🙂

    I also wanted to add that my vet (I see Dr. Pietrzak at Met Vet West) fully supported this treatment. I really like her because she is down to earth but open to new treatments. She explained that more vets are not certified in acupuncture because there are only a limited number of places that offer that training and it is expensive. I add this because even vets trained in western medicine might be open to this treatment. If you have a sick pet, mention this to your vet and ask for their opinion. It is always good to have any minds working together to help your pet 🙂

    Thank you!
    Nicole and Czarina

    • sharon Cifranic
      sharon Cifranic says:

      My dog a 20 pound 13.5 yrs old. Has been diagnosed with elderly bronchitis. Put on prednisone. She also has all signs if cushings syndrome. And enlarged liver. To do test for cushings she needs to be off steroids for 3 weeks. After 2 days off steroids she had labored breathing. Wound up oxygen tent.???? Vets still insist on taking her off steroids Really!
      i would appreciate any wisdom. I live in NJ. Looking for holistic vet.
      thank u


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