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    • Dr. Doug
      Dr. Doug says:

      Absolutely not! There is no guarantee regarding diet and cancer. There are people who never smoke and yet get lung cancer and those who smoke 5 packs every day who do not get cancer. It is a matter of lessening the chances. Eating processed food increases the chances that pets will get cancer for several reasons.

  1. Aexa
    Aexa says:

    OMG Dr Doug, I just discovered your site. I def have to speak with you. You seem awesome. I saw your video and you kind of say what I have been telling people for years. I put it this way since most people have kids. I start out with “Total Cereal is said to be fortified with 100% of all vitamins and minerals, but you wouldn’t feed your child Total cereal , morning, day, and night would YOU?” Then they kinda get it. I need to pick you brain about something so will use contact page. Hopefully you will get back to me.

  2. C.
    C. says:

    I was wondering if you could point my in the direction of Veterinarian specific information related to Raw Diet / BARF? I don’t have any ‘holistic’ vets in my area. I’d like to be able to share some research information with my vet. He insists we should be feeding a ‘good quality, balanced kibble’ to our puppy.

    Thank you,

    • Dr. Doug
      Dr. Doug says:

      I have lots of information on this site with research to back it up. I don’t know where else to direct you. But, in the end, you are probably wasting your breath. The conventional view is well established.

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